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Roots Lineage
of Ellen Roots McBride

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Roots-coat-of-arms.jpg (68624 bytes)    
Can you help me?  Where did the Roots coat of arms come from?

Specifically, what legal/royal authority in what country 
assigned the Coat of Arms and "Reviresco" motto,
(including country and year, if possible)?
If you know the answer or have any leads, please e-mail me.  Thank you!




Ancestors/Relatives of Ellen Roots McBride -- If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can download a free version from this website and follow Steps 1, 2 and 3. 

Hourglass tree of direct descendants from Josiah Rootes to Ellen Holt Roots.
Josiah Rootes (born ? - died ?) 
married Susanna ______ (born ? - died ?; 
Susanna was jailed in the Salem Witch Trials1 and later released).


Roots family tree (from 1811 - early 1900s).  

Translated Will of Josiah Rootes (1648? - 29 May 1683)
Microfiche images of Josiah Rootes' will:  

roots.1.jpg (245894 bytes)
page one
roots.2.jpg (250997 bytes)
page two


Transcribed journal of Logan Holt Roots I, written from 15 May 1855 to 30 Sept. 1856.  He was born 26 March 1841 and died 30 May 1893.

Visit the links below for some photos and text of the Roots line, but please visit the Ancestors/Relatives of Ellen Roots McBride link for full text info.

Generation 2
Generation 3
Generation 4
Generation 5
Generation 6

1 References to Susanna in the Salem Witch Trials come in several locations:
     Karlsen, Carol F.  The Devil in the Shape of a Woman:  Witchcraft in Colonial New England.  1998.  W. W. Norton & Co., New York.  370 pp.  ISBN 0-393-31759-5.

     Root, James Pierce.  Root Genealogy 1600-1870.  1870.  Albany, New York:  R. C. Root, Anthony & Co., 62 Liberty St.  533 pp.  It consists of information from 1600 to 1870, comprising the general history of the Root and Roots families.

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