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Roots Generation 5


.....a.  Oliver Guernsey ROOTS (11 Apr. 1836 at Willington, CT - 3 Nov. 1856 at New Orleans, LA).  He taught in New Orleans.

.....b.  Philander Keep "P.K." ROOTS (4 June 1838 at Willington, CT f. - 16 Oct. 1921) m. Frances Maria BLAKESLEE (1843 - 1905) of Du Quoin, IL on 23 May 1866 in San Francisco, CA.  He was a student at the Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL.  At age 14, he began practice as a civil engineer in a corps under the direction of his father.  He contracted malaria and was ill until around age 17.  At age 20, he became engineer of the New Orleans and Ohio railroad, the Kentucky portion of which was constructed and put in operation under his supervision.  He was in the employment of the United States as civil engineer during the latter part of the war of the rebellion.  He received his A. M.  degree from the University of Kentucky  in 1862.  He resided in Oreana, Nevada, and in 1870 was living in Humboldt City, NV.  After that he lived in  Ft. Smith, Ark., from 1873 - 1880; from 1880 he lived in Little Rock, Ark.,  where he helped found Ft. Logan ROOTS.  Documents in possession:  6 journals written by P.K., and P.K.ís death certificate.  (Ancestral blood line)

.....c.  Col. Logan Holt ROOTS I (26 Mar. 1841 in Perry Co., IL, f. - ?) m. Emily Margaret BLAKESLEE (1844 - 1923) on 9 Aug. 1871.  Emily was the daughter of Lyman C. BLAKESLEE and Maria (Angell) BLAKESLEE.  Logan, of Little Rock, AK, graduated at the Illinois State Normal University, with the first honors of the class of 1862, immediately after graduating he joined the Federal army, and serving therein to the close of the war, made a most creditable military record.  He had the proud distinction of winning special notice from Gen. LOGAN, Gen. McPHERSON, Gen. SHERMAN and Gen. GRANT, with each of whom he enjoyed esteemed friendship till they respectively answered answered to the final muster out.  He was with Gen. SHERMAN on the March to the Sea, and after participating as an officer on Gen. SHERMANís staff in the grand review at Washington in May, 1865, he came West with Gen. SHERMAN and was ordered on duty in Arkansas. 


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Col. Logan Holt Roots during the Civil War between 1862-1865

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Col. Logan Holt Roots (1841-1893; ca. 1890)

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Roots reunion 1907

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Mr. & Mrs. P.K. and L.H. Roots

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P. K. Roots





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