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Roots Generation 4

.....a.  Willard Holt ROOTS (25 Feb. 1867 at Oreana, NV. - Mar. 1946 in Mansfield, MA)

.....b.  Rt. Rev. Bishop Logan Herbert ROOTS (27 July 1870 on Locust Hill, Tamaroa, Perry Co., IL - 23 Sept. 1945 on Mackinac Island, MI) m. Eliza Lydia McCOOK (22 Oct. 1869 - 4 Aug. 1934 in Lushan, China) of Hartford, CT in Hankow, China on 17 April 1902.  He was the Bishop of the Episcopal church in Hankow, China. (Ancestral blood line).  [NOTE:  Our family has been working on publishing "Bishop Logan H. and Eliza Roots: The Personal Letters of Two American Missionaries in China from 1900-1934" -- a series of letters between Bishop Logan Roots & his wife Eliza Lydia [McCook] Roots about their time in China.  We hope that the book will be published by EastBridge later sometime in 2007.]

.....c.  Mary Emily ROOTS (10 July 1873 - ?) m. Walter Graham HALL (son of Milton Grey HALL).


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genera6.gif (206993 bytes)
Logan & Eliza's wedding

genera9.gif (114125 bytes)
Bishop L. H. Roots 
at consecration

genera8.gif (93087 bytes)
Bishop L. H. Roots & Chou En-lai

Ludington-Reunion-1916.jpg (92854 bytes)
Ludington Reunion 1916

1.  Sheldon Roots
2.  Logan Holt Roots
3.  Philip James McCook (NY Supreme Court Justice)
4.  __________?
5.  Philander Keep Roots?
6.  Frances Maria (Blakeslee) Roots?
7.  Elizabeth "Beth" Roots
8.  __________?  Beth's nursemaid or P.K.'s wife, Frances Maria (Blakeslee) Roots?
9.  John Roots? or son of Bishop Roots' brother, Willard Holt Roots?
10.  __________?  Graham Roots Hall?
11.  __________?  A daughter of Willard Holt Roots & wife Katherine (Philp)?
12.  __________? A child of Willard Holt Roots?
13.  Frances Blakeslee Roots
14.  __________?  Katherine (Philp) Roots?
15.  Bishop Logan Herbert Roots
16.  Eliza Lydia (McCook) Roots

Who are the other people in this photo??
Ludington is a city on Lake Michigan an hour or two north of Grand Rapids. 

genera7.gif (75461 bytes)
Bishop Logan H. Roots

genera11.gif (105290 bytes)
Willard Roots


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