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Roots Generation 2

.....a.  Eleanor Frances ROOTS m. Reinhard Hans SCHUMANN.  

.....b.  Loretta Rea ROOTS (1936 in China - 1988 in MI).  She attended British boarding school with Eleanor until the Communists drove the entire family out of China in the spring of 1951, when they returned to America.  She m. Donald Emery LIBBY (1926 in WA - present) in 1967 in MI. She died due to an automobile accident 52.  Loretta was a long-time volunteer for the MRA.  Don m. 2) Barbara T. BEAL (1930 in London, England - present) in 1990.

.....c.  Dr. Logan Herbert ROOTS, II M.D. (1939 in China -  present) m. J.E.W (1942 - present) in 1962 in MA.  Logan moved from China to Mt. Kisko, NY in June 1951.  He obtained his A.B. degree in 1961.  He received his M.D. in MA in June 1966.  They married, and had 2 children, and moved to West Africa in September 1968 for a 2 1/2 year post with the CDC/AID to eradicate smallpox.  The venture was successful.  A third child was born 3 months after arrival in Africa.  In June 1970 the family moved to Washington where they lived for 3 years.  They moved again to NM in May 1973.  
Logan and J.E.W. divorced in 1976. (Ancestral blood line)
                Logan m. K. KISTENMACHER in 1989.  


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Loretta & Eleanor

genera30.gif (132122 bytes)
Loretta, Eleanor & Logan

genera39.gif (131191 bytes)
Roots in Wuchang, China

genera35.gif (171191 bytes)

genera38.gif (211296 bytes)
Loretta, Logan & Eleanor,

genera31.gif (94076 bytes)
Eleanor & Loretta

genera32.gif (142094 bytes)

genera42.gif (124855 bytes)
Eleanor (Roots) Schumann

genera34.jpg (36784 bytes)
Logan & Loretta,

genera19.jpg (42977 bytes)
Loretta and Mamie-Lou Roots

genera36.gif (170935 bytes)
Logan Herbert Roots, 

genera57.jpg (30506 bytes)
Logan in Bonaire

genera55.gif (102209 bytes)
Reinhard & Eleanor

genera52.gif (265997 bytes)
J.E.W., Logan
Ellen, Logan & April
in Africa, 1969

genera49.gif (127622 bytes)
J.E.W., Logan
Ellen, Logan & April

genera58.jpg (56462 bytes)
Reinhard & Eleanor Schumann;
Motoko Huthwaite & Logan Herbert Roots

genera53.gif (97487 bytes)
April, Logan, Ellen, Carl Johnson (Joy's stepfather), & J.E.W.  Thanksgiving 1973

genera33.gif (129955 bytes)
Eleanor (Roots) Schumann & Logan Roots,

genera56.jpg (33294 bytes)
Don Libby 1981

genera54.jpg (27796 bytes)
Logan & Karen
cutting the cake


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