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Dear Friends of the late Frances Roots Hadden and Richard Hadden,

Starting several years prior to her passing, Frannie Hadden began a book about her father, Bishop Logan Roots, and his wife, Eliza Lydia McCook.  It was Frannie's desire to convey the story of their missionary lives in China during tumultuous revolutionary times, their love of the people, and for each other.  After Frannie's death in May 2000, the effort to complete the book was taken up by her friend and editor, Motoko Huthwaite, as well as two of Frannie's grand-nieces, Ellen Roots McBride and April Roots Prewitt.  Through their collective efforts over the last ten years, Frannie's book has finally been completed and is now for sale through Eastbridge Books. 

Below is the link to where the book can be purchased (it will soon be available through Amazon and Alibris), as well as their preview and picture of the dustjacket:

The Personal Letters of Bishop and Mrs. Logan Roots,
Two American Missionaries in China (1900-1934)
Motoko Huthwaite, ed.

"Logan Herbert Roots (1870-1945) was a very important figure in the history of the Christian missionary movement in modern China who, by his exemplary life in China, contributed to the later development of a vibrant and fully Chinese church after the missionary era ended."
--Daniel Bays, PhD - Calvin College

"[Bishop Roots] was no ordinary churchman. One could find in his drawing room leaders of the Communist Party, as well as those of the Kuomintang. Here was a man whose influence on the thought patterns of China's leaders was measureless."
--Captain Evans("Gung-ho") Carlson USMC - in his book Twin Stars over China.

From China with Love is a family portrait drawn by the letters of a married couple madly in love for over thirty years. Because their home is in China, the letters also tell us something about China; but what stands out most are the tender expressions of endearment, of concern, and of love for each other, for their children, and for their friends, both Chinese and foreign, in China and in the United States. It is a delightful experience tracing the love and commitment of two intelligent and eloquent Americans from 1900 until Eliza's death in 1934.

This book will resonate with many young couples today—emailing love letters between America and Iraq or Afghanistan or some other far-flung danger spot—separated by distance and war, but united in loving concern, faith, and hope.

ISBN 1-59988-016-4 (pb) $29.95




Frannie and Dick Hadden

Frannie was born 24 Aug 1910, and Dick on 20 Nov 1910.  
They married 23 Aug 1947 in Caux, Switzerland.
Frannie passed away on 15 May 2000, and Dick on 9 July 2003.

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Hourglass tree of descendants from Thomas E. Haddon I (? - 1780).

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franni1.jpg (76038 bytes)
Frances Roots, age 8

franni4.gif (163787 bytes)
Bishop, Miss Crosby and Frannie

franni7.gif (104470 bytes)
Christmas in Hankow 1937

wpe10.gif (177432 bytes)
Frances Roots, 1938

franni3.gif (78200 bytes)
Bishop Roots, Sheldon, Frannie & John, ca. 1939

franni5.gif (137238 bytes)
The Bishop & Family, ca. 1943

franni2.gif (68377 bytes)
Willard Hunter and Frances, 
ca. 1943

franni9.gif (145969 bytes)
Bishop's birthday 1945

franni10.gif (168321 bytes)
A young Richard Hadden

franni12.gif (188207 bytes)
Richard the sailor

franni11.gif (100860 bytes)
Frannie & Dick, ca. 1945

franni13.gif (96719 bytes)

franni14.gif (256844 bytes)

franni15.gif (172353 bytes)
Cutting the cake 1947

franni16.gif (114642 bytes)
The wedding party

franni17.gif (116614 bytes)

wpe24.gif (203864 bytes)

franni19.gif (152740 bytes)
Frannie & Dick in style

franni21.gif (107282 bytes)
Roots clan on Mackinac

franni20.gif (125679 bytes)
ca. 1965

franni22.gif (143579 bytes)
Christmas dinner 1969,
Rick Martin's house

franni23.gif (157107 bytes)
In concert

franni24.gif (115650 bytes)
In China for duo piano concert, 1972

franni25.gif (178825 bytes)
Roots clan, ca. 1970

franni26.gif (190484 bytes)
Peking premier 1972

franni27.gif (135836 bytes)
Frannie & Chou En-lai

franni28.jpg (24244 bytes)
Haddens, Libbys & Trish Martin on Mackinac, 1981

franni29.gif (219206 bytes)
Frannie & Dick over
Lu Shan Suite

franni30.gif (141080 bytes)
Lu Shan Suite 2

franni31.jpg (29304 bytes)

franni32.gif (167353 bytes)
ca. 1992

franni33.jpg (44378 bytes)
Roots reunion
Grand Rapids, MI

franni34.jpg (43680 bytes)
50th anniversary
with Pauline Holbrook

franni35.jpg (30295 bytes)
Frannie & Don 

franni36.jpg (52175 bytes)
Karen Roots and Frannie

franni38.jpg (48664 bytes)
Roots reunion
in St. Ignace, MI

franni30.jpg (44879 bytes)
Painting of location where Dick and Frannie got engaged in the Delamere Forest, England

franni29.jpg (46909 bytes)
Dick at the piano, 2000

franni39.gif (167612 bytes)
Mackinac Island House

franni27.jpg (42134 bytes)
Chalet Mackinac in St. Ignace, MI

franni40.jpg (30644 bytes)
Mackinac Island Bridge


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